Find the Best eBike for riding in 2022

We've made it super easy to find the best ebike for your riding purpose. Get ready to meet your match. Join the charge New Zealand.

1. What kind of riding are you planning on doing?

Please pick the types of riding you will be doing most. You can pick more than one.

  • Commuting & urban/city riding

  • Rail trail or light trails

  • Mountain biking

  • Beach & riverbed

  • I’m not sure

2. What kind of frame are you looking for?

Please pick one type of frame.

  • Trike

    Provide balance

  • Low-step

    Easy get on & off

  • Standard

    The 'top tube'

  • Full suspension

    Better efficiency, comfort & safety

  • I’m not sure

3. What type of motor will you need?

Please pick one type of motor.

  • Hub Motor

    • Located in the rear or front wheel
    • Independent drive-system that requires little maintenance
    • Typically cadence sensing with a fixed amount of power on each PAS level
    • More cost effective than a mid-drive motor
    • Better suited on flatter terrain/ popular choice for commuters
  • Mid-drive Motor

    • Located in the centre of the bike between the cranks
    • Drives the crank(not the wheel directly) enhancing the power and allowing it to better leverage off the bikes gear system
    • Provides higher torque making them excellent hill climbers
    • Better suited for longer distances (Rail trails, Longer commutes with decent climbs)
  • I’m not sure

4. How much are you looking to spend?


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