eBike FAQ

How far can I travel on my ebike while using the motor?

Our ebikes do around 30-40km without the pedal assist (Throttle only). With the pedal assist function working you will get around 50-100km distance on them (depending on model). Note - weight/wind/terrain/pas level and elevation are all our factors which will affect the overall distance slightly so these should be taken into account.

Can I ride in wet weather?

Yes, all our bikes are weatherproof and have an IP65 rating or higher however most e-bikes are NOT waterproof. If you travel through deep water you can submerge the motor resulting in the motor failing.

What warranties do you offer?

We stand by our products and only use high-end components. With this said we offer 24 months on the battery, motor & display, 12 months on the smaller components and 5 years on the frame (3years on folding frames). View full Watt Wheels Warranty.

Do you carry spare parts for your eBikes?

Yes, we carry spare parts for all our bikes. We pride ourselves on offering excellent after sales service and have a large network of service agents around the country. If there's servicing required Watt Wheels guarantee we'll get you back up and running quick smart!

What sort of battery life can I expect to get from my eBike?

Our Lithium batteries will get around 1500 charges so it depends on how often the bike is used. We expect our customers to get a minimum of 4-6years and this is based on the bike being used most days. We always carry replacement stock so we can get you back up and running quick smart when your battery needs replacing and have larger sized options if interested in upgrading.

What maintenance is required to look after my eBike?

Like most normal bicycles making sure your will go a long way to looking after your bike. Make sure you charge your new e-bike correctly and take care when washing your bike not to get to much water in the motor region, tyre pressure is correct and lubricating the bike mechanisms occasionally

Do I need a license or registration to operate my eBike?

No, as long as the motor is rated below 300 watts, your electric bike is legally still a bicycle. But do beware of cheap electric bikes. Many have bicycle components that do not comply with Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1927:1998.

With more and more ebikes becoming available there are many that are unsafe or do not meet New Zealand standards. I'm sure we will see new regulations introduced (possibly the same as Australia) so we will keep you up to date with any changes.

When should I recharge my eBike batteries and how long does it take?

It depends on the battery size but a normal charge is around 4-6 hours if charging from a 2-3ah charger.
The battery can be charged after every ride, or when it is flat. Lithium batteries don't discharge much at all over time. And small charges are fine too. No need to fully discharge empty before each charge. Lithium batteries actually prefer a shallow discharge, so top up charging after each use is a good habit to get into.

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