Our Story


The ebike gets you.

Invention of the ebike is genius for today’s society.

Wattwheels director Brad Mitchell spent a decade enjoying a career as National Account Manager for one of Australasia's biggest fresh produce companies.

With a desire to run his own business Brad stumbled across eBikes and saw the huge potential the industry had both within NZ and on an international scale.

Fast forward five years and Wattwheels now supplies ebikes to over 45 retailers around New Zealand and has plans to expand into other global markets.

“Humans need to move. Building movement into your day prevents heart disease and in the event of a ‘heart event’ assists recovery. And a predominantly ebike lifestyle can reduce one’s carbon footprint by up to 85%”.  - (NZ Heart Foundation)

The ebike gets you.

It gets you when you’re busy. It gets you when you ride past the traffic jam. It gets you when you easily find a park. It gets you when you bike past petrol prices. It gets you from A to B and back again.

We can take charge of our lifestyle and our own health and ebiking is the most convenient way to incorporate movement into a modern-day schedule.

Join the charge and bike for a better New Zealand.


We believe in...

Introducing new to New Zealand

The humans behind Wattwheels are natural born challengers, always questioning the status quo. You can do this too by always asking yourself, with one tiny but powerful word; “why?”.

Expect to be the first to meet new concepts and breakthrough ebikes that substantively change New Zealand for the better.

Conscious fun

Switching to a predominantly ebike lifestyle can reduce one's carbon footprint by up to 85%. That's great news and that's huge.

However, at Wattwheels we're realists. Being crazy environmentally conscious is not everyone's gig. It's not ours either. A healthy lifestyle infused with fun and being conscious along the way is our sweet spot. We're simply here to share that idea with New Zealand and make it easy & affordable to join the charge.

Being ridiculously committed

Good customer service is nice.

For us, nice doesn't cut it. We've become ridiculously committed to making Wattwheels stockists and ebike owners feel secure & prioritised through outstanding products + service & support.

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