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Cathy Falconer
Cathy Falconer Franchise Owner, Mike Pero Real Estate

We have just purchased two bighorn ebikes and love them. They’re sturdy, user-friendly and sooooooooo much fun. I was a fair weather biker years ago (any wind it was a No!). Now with this new toy wind is no problem and I can’t wait to bike everyday and go further afield when we get a bikerack. We had um’d and ah’d about them for 10 months and wished we hadn’t, we’ve missed months of fun. As Nike says Just Do won’t regret it. Thanks, Watt Wheels very very happy with our bikes.

Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper Specialist at Ministry of Education NZ

Watt wheels are amazing! We bought an e-trike last year. Performs fantastically! Great bike, and great tech support from Brad and his team! Great customer service!

Caitlin Palmer
Caitlin Palmer Mairangi Arts Centre

Amazing product Watt Wheels! My mother and I bought two LS Scouts and we love riding around on our bikes. I’m addicted and want to go out everyday! I use mine for commuting and in two weeks have done over 150ks! So so happy with our purchase! If you’re thinking about getting a watt-wheels product I’m telling you right now you won’t regret it!

Carol Bucknell
Carol Bucknell NZ Freelance Journalist

Absolutely love our new bikes. We wanted something that we could ride on trials and the road and Watt Wheels put together two great bikes that works for both. Superb service and very knowledgeable advice.

Barry Harvey 87 years wise

Brad from Watt Wheels - how do I describe him - "100% in every way with his business and personal cooperation".
I am 87 yrs and purchased a E Trike from Wat Wheels. I am unable to walk a distance hence the trike.
It is brilliant, 1yr and I have covered 2059 kms all riding on footpaths around Cambridge, over that time a motor packed a sad and immediately Brad sent a replacement front wheel & motor at his expense.
A friend of mine in the Tauranga area has purchased 2 Trikes for he & his wife on the strength of how good my one is. At this stage of my life it is better than having a mobility scooter and more suitable for carrying parcels, groceries etc in front and back baskets. Thank you WW!

Michael Grunfeld
Michael Grunfeld

Just bought a Wattwheels Big Horn for a 700km trip around the cycle trails between Bluff and around Queenstown (before lockdown). Performed flawlessly with realistic range of around 80km. Great fun.

Verne Burmester
Verne Burmester

I recently purchased a second-hand Scout e-bike. Done about 60k's so far, mostly on boardwalks and cycle tracks. After several adjustments to the seat and handlebar heights (super easy to do), it is surprisingly comfortable. Has been very sure-footed on gravel tracks. Plenty of power. I have settled on using the throttle for short power assist increases rather than upping the PAS number as it really will rocket on the higher settings. Pedals well on the flat with no PAS. I find I top out about 27kph for speed as after that have to pedal too fast but I could use the throttle. Looking forward to trying it on the beach.
Even though not purchased from them, Wattwheels have been excellent in answering a question for me and providing information.

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