Wattwheels Ltd is a 100% kiwi owned electric bike company that currently imports a selection of high-quality electric bikes and trikes into New Zealand. We're a family-owned business committed to offering people a fun alternative way of traveling and exploring our amazing country. 

We’re super excited to be bringing people a range of stylish new electric bikes that not only look the part but can handle the rugged terrain our diverse countryside has to offer. If you're a townie looking to commute to work or an experienced mountain biker that enjoys challenging trails, we guarantee these bikes will turn heads and have a bike suitable for all types and ages.

We went about doing our research and found a market that is growing exponentially, as it is all over the world. With the price of fuel increasing, traffic congestion, and pollution levels growing in our major cities, we are seeing a huge demand for cheaper/low emission vehicles on our roads.

Our goal is to bring affordable, reliable, high-quality electric bikes to our customers without the huge price tag many others have. We’ve hand-selected every component on the bike and use only well-known brands across our range. After visiting a number of manufacturers offshore and thoroughly testing bikes over the past few years we are excited to offer a range of electric bikes that we think can
cater to everyone’s needs.

Our customer’s feedback is hugely important to us, so we are always looking to update, improve and expand our bikes based on your requirements and suggestions.

One of the key factors that put us apart from the others is our customer service. The friendly retail stores we supply around the country will guide you through the whole process, making sure you walk away feeling happy that you've made a great decision. We always follow up to check how your new wheels are going and enjoy hearing about your experiences after a few rides on your new e-bike.

With technology changing rapidly, I'm sure we'll see some massive changes over the next few years. We’re constantly looking at increasing our range and keeping up to date with the latest trends. So stay in touch to see what exciting new products are coming through, moving forward.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about us and we look forward to being part of this electrifying industry and would love to hear from you soon.