"Electric Bikes & Trikes"

NZ Owned & Operated​

ALPINE  - 300 WATT/48V12.8AH
Extras - Rear Carrier, Bottle Holder. Mudguards
BIGHORN  - 300 WATT/48V12.8AH
Extras - Rear Carrier, Bottle Holder. Mudguards
E-TRIKE  - 300 WATT/48V11AH
Extras - Foldable Handlebars, Park Brake. Back Seat Support
TOWNIE  - 300 WATT/48V12.8AH
Included - Rear Carrier, Front & Rear Lights
KUDU  - 300 WATT/48V10.4AH
Included - Thumb Throttle, Mud Guards, 9 Speed
SCOUT  - 300 WATT/48V11AH
Included - Thumb Throttle, Fat 4inch tyres ,folds ups!
Our New Fat Wheel Fold-Up electric bikes are now here! One of the biggest selling electric bikes in the world currently these are a must for people wanting to explore while on holiday, perfect for motorhomes and the convenience of folding up makes them easily transported. The fat 4 inch wheels handles most terrain types with ease and with the 48V battery and high amp controller these have plenty of power to climbs hills. 
AA Roadside are now extending it's cover to AA members choosing to ride electric bikes on their daily commute. If you experience a problem with your e-bike, call *222 or use your AA roadside mobile App and help will be on it's way. If the issue isn't resolved on the roadside the AA will recover your e-bike just as they would if your car broke down.
Our Lucent Smart Helmets 
CSR Bluetooth 4.0 
Two way talk/In-come call automatic answer
Music remote play
Remote control for Led indicator for left-right-brake flashing
Colorful effect for Led switch
All controled with your finger tips on bicycle handle
A truly different safety experience


Bafang Motors
We've updated all our bikes to have Bafang rear and mid drives motors. Bafang, a leading manufacturer of e-mobility components and complete systems, has facilities in Europe, China, and the United States.
Bafang is one of biggest e-bike motor producers in the world and market leader, having an exceptional product. For more than ten years Bafang has been developing components and complete systems for electric vehicles. 
Last year Bafang recorded a turnover in excess of US$100 million and sold more than 1,000,000 motors and over 300,000 complete systems to more than 350 customers worldwide. The market with the highest turnover is Europe, accounting for more than half of motor and system sales, which makes bafang one of the leading suppliers in the European market.
Bafang employs more than 300 staff worldwide.
They have a great selection of products including a new watch which connects via Bluetooth giving you readouts. We are now seeing quite a few Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano motors coming through on the European bike range. While these motors are great you pay a lot more for them which is why we choose Bafang. 
Bigger Batteries
With all our e-bikes we are now switching over to 48V options which will give our riders more peak power when climbing and tackling difficult terrain. Batteries start from the standard 10ah which will give you 50-80km on a charge using pedal assist up to a massive 21ah(or1000 watts) on some models. The general rule of thumb is for every 1amp extra you will get another 3km in distance on pedal assist. 
Most of our current range will give you 1500 cyclings or 75,000km + before you will need to start looking to replacing the battery. All the batteries we use have Samsung, Panasonic or LG lithium cells and the batteries come with 2-year warranties.
Torque Sensors
The Pedal assist sensor is located near the crank of the bike and provides assistance based on the level you have selected on the LCD panel. We're rolling our Torque Sensors on most of our range of bikes. A torque sensor measures what effort the rider is putting into the pedaling and adjusts according. It provides the rider with a more intuitive riding experience. Some of our bikes now come with options to switch between torque and cadence mode adding a nice feature for those wanting options.


Service & Parts
One of the most important aspects in the buying process is to know that you have a service agent nearby that can help service your bike if required. As mentioned before, all of our bikes are built to take a fair beating, but in the unlikely event that you do need a repair or general service, knowing we have a national network of service agents will give you better peace of mind. We also carry an extensive range of spare parts ranging from battery upgrades, new motors/lcds, wheels and much more.