Scout Electric Bike Batteries


A battery that can be used in a Wattwheels Scout Electric Bike.

Three sizes to choose from:


48V10.4Ah - (upto 60km)

48V13Ah - (Upto 70km)

48V16Ah - (Upto 80km)


Please note these are maximum ranges listed and can vary depending on PAS level used, rider weight, wind, gradient, terrain etc


    Samsung 48V13Ah Li-Ion Battery used in a Wattwheels Scout electric bike


    Our extensive quality control means that our products are thoroughly tested and ultra-reliable by industry standards. All products are warranted to work as described on arrival and for the warranty period. If there is a warranty claim, it will be assessed by Wattwheels and a replacement battery will be delivered upon claim’s approval. Wattwheels will accept the return of warranted components. If there is a major fault with the product, contact Wattwheels immediately. Wattwheels will not accept returns for change of mind.


    PBT is the courier company we use to deliver the goods. Seeing batteries are classed as a DG(Dangereous Goods) delivery times can be up to 7 days before the product is received. Please contact us immediately if the carton is damaged and take photos which will help us if any claim is required.

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